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Held annually, Oracle OpenWorld is one of the largest enterprise technology conferences in the world. Oracle OpenWorld conferences have hosted 60,000 attendees in San Francisco, as well as over two million online attendees. Featuring keynotes from Oracle leaders Larry Ellison, Safra Catz, Mark Hurd, Thomas Kurian and more, Oracle OpenWorld offers insights from Oracle in addition to thousands of informational sessions hosted by Oracle customers and industry experts from across the globe. Mark has discussed a wide range of topics in his Oracle OpenWorld keynotes, chatting with customers about how Oracle technology is transforming their business, making predictions on the future of the industry, and sharing personal insights on industry movers and shakers while identifying potential disruptors.

In past Oracle OpenWorld keynotes, Mark has shared forecasts for the industry which has sparked discussions year after year. In 2014, he predicted that “the world in the next 10 years is going to be all about people… Employees are going to work the way they want to work; customers are going to buy the way they want to buy.” Speaking with the CIOs of seven leading companies, Mark focused on how all of them were facing the same fundamental issue, “How do I transform with the backdrop of all the secular change and budget constraints?”

During his 2015 keynote, Mark made five predictions about the way the cloud will work in 2025. He stated that 80 percent of all production apps would be in the cloud, compared to the 25 percent in the cloud today. Mark also said that two software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies would cover 80 percent of the cloud enterprise application market, and that all enterprise data will be stored in the cloud.

In 2016, he predicted that the cloud would allow enterprises to finally move beyond maintaining legacy systems, and that IT budgets would dramatically flip, with 80 percent spent on the cloud by 2025.

In his 2017 Oracle OpenWorld keynote address, Mark shared his prediction for the future of enterprise cloud and the increased pressure on companies to have secure systems. Mark stated that enterprise cloud will be one of the most secure places for IT processing,  with 100 percent of application development and testing being conducted in the cloud and all enterprise data will be stored in the cloud.

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