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Oracle’s CloudWorld brings together experts, decision-makers, and thought leaders to exchange insights on the latest cloud trends. The one-day event has featured keynotes from Mark since 2015.

In his first appearance at CloudWorld in Tokyo, Mark discussed the business value of the cloud, along with challenges businesses face from shifting demographic trends that will create an evermore multi-generational workforce.

At CloudWorld 2016, Mark’s keynote confronted the economic conditions that can constrain innovation, noting that cloud computing can free up budgets. Highlighting how the cloud allows companies to offload costs onto providers like Oracle, Mark framed cloud computing as a “generational opportunity to get more innovation at a lower cost, and to do it more simply.” He also addressed the increasingly complex workforce and the impending fall of on-premise IT models.

At CloudWorld 2017, Mark’s opening keynote called upon CFOs and CEOs to get involved in critical IT discussions, such as enterprise migrations to the cloud. He said that the move to the cloud isn’t just a technology upgrade, but a major shift that will reshape business models. As in his OpenWorld keynotes, Mark also made far-reaching forecasts on the future of SaaS businesses and enterprise cloud environments.

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