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Mark Hurd Book The Value Factor

The Value Factor

Published in 2004, Mark’s first book, The Value Factor, is a look into the value propositions of a variety of companies, exploring the aspects that set themselves apart from competition. Capitalizing on new information, Mark claims, is a key to successfully rising above competition. Co-written by Lars Nyberg, the book explores how innovative companies across industries work to stay ahead in a competitive economy and turn challenges into opportunities.

Dubbed “a must read for busy executives,” The Value Factor combines numerous case studies from successful companies, including Bank of America, Travelocity, TowerGroup, and more. The authors highlight top-level trends for growth that are at first look straightforward, but that executives historically forget to consider. Touching on themes of risk management, the customer ecosystem, leadership, and logistics, the book is an in-depth guide for aspiring successful executives that boils down to one key idea: information is integral.

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