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Mark Hurd Book Competing for Customers

Competing for Customers

In 2016, Jeb Dasteel of Oracle, Amir Hartman of Mainstay, and tech author Craig LeGrande wrote a book together about the changing customer experience landscape. That book, Competing for Customers, explores the importance of transforming the buyer experience and delivering customer success through a continued relationship.

Mark Hurd set the tone for this book with a thoughtful foreword about how technology is “erasing all boundaries.” Creating both new possibilities and obstacles for enterprises, technology is changing the way we buy and sell, driven by a shift in consumer expectations. The question becomes, ‘how can business leaders succeed in this changing economy, and what do the changes mean?’ Offering his insights and observations, Mark Hurd notes that the best leaders have three factors in common to answer these questions: business agility, resilience, and financial growth.

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