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Books & Published Works

Regarded as an industry thought leader throughout his career, Mark Hurd often shared his perspectives on next-generation technologies and business. This page serves as an archive of all information regarding Mark Hurd’s books and published works.

Mark Hurd had more than 40 years of technology industry leadership and executive management experience. Through his written works, Mark Hurd regularly used his experience to provide readers with an insider’s perspective on proven business practices from the mind of a leading technology executive.

Mark Hurd commented on management, business, and technology through contributions to Forbes, regular articles on Oracle blogs, and a book of insights for business executives. His writings encompassed a wide range of topics, including cloud computing, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and a variety of other topics that detailed how next-generation technologies have transformed the way businesses operate.

Published Works and Books


Mark Hurd co-wrote a book focusing on the value propositions of successful companies and contributed to another book about the customer experience. His first book was published in 2004.

Mark Hurd Book The Value Factor

The Value Factor

Published in 2004, The Value Factor, co-written by Mark Hurd and Lars Nyberg, explored how companies could set themselves apart from competition at the dawn of the information age. In this book, Mark Hurd identified information as a key component to establishing a competitive edge.

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Mark Hurd Book Competing for Customers

Competing for Customers

Competing for Customers was published in 2016 and authored by former Oracle Chief Customer Officer Jeb Dasteel, Mainstay management consulting’s Amir Hartman, and tech author Craig LeGrande. This book includes a foreword by Mark Hurd that highlights the three critical capabilities that businesses need to succeed in the years ahead.

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Published Articles


Mark Hurd shared his insights on technology, business, and leadership through his written articles. Mark Hurd often shared his advice for ways readers could effectively adapt business strategies and position themselves ahead of the competition.

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