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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence Featured on OracleNEXT Podcast

These days, artificial intelligence (AI) is a dominant topic in the tech industry. Oracle CEO Mark Hurd has often shared his perspective on the benefits of AI for business. These views were broadly echoed in a recent OracleNEXT Podcast by guest Kyle York, vice president of product strategy for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. York discussed both contemporary and near-future capabilities of AI, noting the shift to a proactive environment with the advent of cloud computing and describing the accelerating cycle of feature upgrades and patches.

Mark Hurd discusses IT with surrounding business leaders at a conference table during Oracle HCM World 2018.
Oracle CEO Mark Hurd discusses IT and cloud computing at Oracle HCM World 2018.

Earlier this year, Mark Hurd highlighted the advantages of AI and autonomous systems in his predictions for 2020, noting that the business benefits of systems that operate faster and more securely at a lower price will be “too compelling to ignore.” Kyle York noted that with the advent of cloud computing, there is a shift to a more proactive environment, leading to an accelerated cycle for feature upgrades and patches. OracleNEXT host Barbara Darrow suggested that AI as a technology is currently being used to augment rather than replace human efforts, echoing Hurd’s prediction that enterprise applications with AI-enhanced capabilities will assist HR leaders to make better recruiting decisions and help CFOs in the financial close process.

Learn more about how AI is changing the IT architecture landscape from Kyle York, and hear more about how CIOs need to take a global perspective on internet use. Listen to the full OracleNEXT episode here.

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