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Superior Support, Now in the Cloud

As companies move to the cloud, their need for support changes—but it doesn’t go away. The flexibility that is the cornerstone of software as a service (SaaS) has shifted how businesses think about leveraging their applications. Liberated from much of the patch-and-upgrade cycle of on-premises systems, companies can instead focus on generating real business value. At the same time, SaaS has changed how the tech industry needs to serve its customers. It is no longer enough just to help the IT department achieve application stability. Tech companies now must invest more in helping their customers well beyond the go-live date.

We’re taking the lead on that front at Oracle. In addition to our world-class, integrated SaaS applications, we’re offering our customers the highest level of service and flexibility, without increasing their costs. We recognized that our application support offerings needed to become more agile—proactive monitoring and reporting that encompasses our entire line of Oracle Fusion SaaS business applications. So our new customer support program will help our customers get more from their SaaS applications by offering our highest level of support, our Platinum level, to all Oracle Fusion SaaS customers at no extra cost. We’ve also announced a new set of custom support services that we can tailor to any specific customer need—paid for á la carte, so customers get what they need, when they need it, and don’t have to pay for bundles of services that they don’t want.

These new support offerings feature a modern, self-service portal that is easy to access and use, for customers ranging from IT departments and developer organizations to HR, finance, and other lines of business. The portal provides access to more than 2,000 new pieces of product education and business strategy content, focused on helping people who are just getting started with our technology as well as experienced users exploring new options and opportunities. Ultimately, this is about being the cloud leader, setting the standard for truly great support, and bringing a whole new level of service into our customers’ enterprises.

Find out how you can run more efficiently and gain a competitive advantage with Oracle Support Services.

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