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SuiteWorld18 To Be Held in Las Vegas Next Week

Mark Hurd speaks on a stage with the SuiteWorld logo projected behind him.
Oracle CEO Mark Hurd takes questions onstage at SuiteWorld17.

NetSuite’s eighth cloud computing conference will take place in Las Vegas this year as customers, partners, and business professionals come together to share insights and discover the latest advances in cloud ERP. Attendees from marketing, sales, and commerce will experience keynotes and sessions designed to expand networks, engage with partners, and learn about the latest trends and challenges in modern business. Keynote speakers for the SuiteWorld Expo include NetSuite EVP of Development Evan Goldberg and NetSuite EVP Jim McGeever, with Oracle CEO Mark Hurd joining via satellite.

“This movement to the cloud is not just a technical thing. This is a business model, generational change in the way we think about IT. And Oracle’s strategy has been to not resist that, but embrace it.” – Mark Hurd, CEO, Oracle

Mark Hurd’s SuiteWorld17 keynote noted NetSuite’s success as one of the first cloud companies while providing insight into the changing landscape of the IT industry as organizations migrate to the cloud. Predicting that 70 to 80 percent of the IT market will shift to the cloud, Hurd described Oracle’s investment in NetSuite as part of Oracle’s larger strategic move to the cloud.

As Hurd said to NetSuite founder Evan Goldberg at Oracle OpenWorld, “I think this is going to turn out to be as exciting–if not the most exciting–acquisition that Oracle has ever done.”

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