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Mark Hurd: How Blockchain Will Power Businesses

An early evangelist for the value of artificial intelligence, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd has highlighted the benefit of integrating AI into business applications for years. In his December 2018 LinkedIn Influencer post, Hurd added blockchain to the roster of technologies he predicts will be integrated into cloud-based applications.

Mark Hurd: Cloud Transition Is “Irresistible”

In a December 2018 Wall Street Journal article, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd described the benefits of suite-based cloud applications, noting how multiple business functions, such as finance, customer experience, and supply chains, can benefit by sharing data across applications without expensive or complicated customizations.

Oracle Class Of Spotlight: Courtney Avery, Class Of 2015

With nearly 140,000 employees, Oracle is one of the world’s largest employers, and there’s a constant need to hire and train talent as the company grows. The need for a comprehensive recruiting, onboarding, and role-specific training program led CEO Mark Hurd to develop and launch the Oracle Class Of program in 2013.