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Mark Hurd: Why Businesses Need Autonomous Systems

In his latest LinkedIn Influencer article, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd adds new depth to his support for cloud computing, machine learning, and autonomous software. His core argument: Companies and their employees can become more productive and innovative by offloading “maintenance mode” tasks to artificial intelligence.

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd Talks American Tennis

The Oracle Challenger Series has expanded rapidly this year, with two new tournaments announced in the past two months. Oracle CEO Mark Hurd, a former collegiate tennis player and a lifelong tennis fan, recently sat down with Oracle’s Challenger Series blog to talk about his commitment to the sport and his efforts to promote tennis […]

2018 Oracle ITA Masters Coming to Malibu

Following the success of the Oracle ITA Summer Circuit powered by MyUTR, Oracle will host the fourth annual Oracle ITA Masters tournament in Malibu, California. The tournament will run from September 20 to 23, 2018, and gives US students a chance to compete against top players from the leading Division I programs.