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Outlook for Cloud is Bright

There’s no question that companies are aggressively moving to the cloud to gain the business agility they need to survive, to gain market share, and to become disruptors instead of the disrupted.

Customers I’ve met on recent trips to London, Paris and Sao Paolo aren’t surprised when they hear estimates pegging the public cloud market at around $107 billion by 2017. And, contrary to what passes for popular wisdom these days, they’re hardly put off by suggestions of corporate spying or warnings about using foreign cloud vendors.

But they do have questions about data security and the cloud.

Fortunately, Oracle has very good answers. We’re investing heavily in new data centers around the world, including a pair in Germany and one in Brazil that is opening imminently. It’s no coincidence that we’re putting data centers where the demand for local data residency is greatest – and where the economic demand for cloud computing is growing very strongly.

As I’ve told our customers, even in the unlikely event that someone gets a subpoena for customer data held in our centers, all they would get is gibberish because we encrypt all that data, and the only ones with the key to decrypt it are our customers themselves. Not even our own data center operators can read our customer data.

That resonates with customers. So does this: The greatest vulnerabilities aren’t from foreign governments or even competitors engaged in industrial espionage. The greatest threat to the integrity of your data comes from people inside your organization – employees and contractors — who, wittingly or unwittingly, allow intellectual property to escape your corporate firewalls.

In the end, technology automates processes. Our job is to do so in a way that creates agility, allowing us to disrupt our competitors and gain market share and allowing you to do exactly the same. Cloud computing is a very effective enabler of these business-enhancing, market changing, career-making processes.

I’m proud that Oracle’s cloud services are second to none in providing agility, security and efficiency.