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Oracle Releases New Autonomous Database Cloud Service

On August 7, 2018, Oracle announced its second autonomous database cloud service, Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing. This autonomous service offers customers lower costs, reduced risk, and innovative capabilities, three advantages Oracle CEO Mark Hurd says are “too compelling to ignore.” Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing leverages machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence capabilities to eliminate human errors and improve security through automated patching and optimized processing.

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd sits with others at a long table
Oracle CEO Mark Hurd discusses IT simplification through the cloud at HCM World 2018.

Built on Oracle Cloud, the autonomous database is designed to elastically scale with demand while maintaining performance and integrity through automated resource allocation. Patches can be implemented while the database is online, reducing downtime and offering 99.995 percent availability. By automating routine tasks, Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing gives database administrators (DBAs) more time to focus on high-level projects, such as extracting more value from their existing data, which can provide companies a competitive edge. Mark Hurd summarizes the added value as a way for DBAs to keep “applying their talents and creativity with the insights that only a human being can provide.”

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