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Oracle OpenWorld 2015 Keynote: Vision 2025

On Monday at San Francisco’s Moscone Center, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd discussed the future of cloud computing, sharing predictions and conversations with industry leaders. During his Oracle OpenWorld 2015 keynote, entitled “Vision 2025,” Mark presented five specific predictions on how the enterprise cloud industry will look in 2025:

  1. 80 percent of all production applications will be in the cloud
  2. Two providers will own 80 percent of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) application market
  3. 100 percent of development and testing will be done in the cloud
  4. Virtually all enterprise data will be stored in the cloud
  5. The enterprise cloud will be the most secure IT environment

Themes of scalability and security were discussed throughout the keynote, with Hurd emphasizing that Oracle’s cloud offering is patched and encrypted. Hurd noted the difficulty for customers to maintain the latest updates for their on-premises solution, citing the cost savings advantage of shifting patching responsibility to the vendor. Recognizing this process as a long-term movement, Hurd declared that Oracle is going to help lead this ten year transition to the cloud.

In the second half of the keynote, Mark Hurd sat down with Jim Fowler from GE and Mike Brady from AIG to discuss how their businesses are adapting to cloud services. Jim Fowler conveyed GE’s plans to move 70 percent of applications to the cloud by 2020, noting GE’s current transformation into becoming a “digital industrial” company. Designed to increase productivity gains by $1 billion, this transition is possible due to cloud technology. Mike Brady noted that AIG currently spends much of its IT budget maintaining legacy applications and cited a lower TCO as incentive for companies to move to the cloud. Brady said AIG plans to use a two-speed model that would allow for legacy applications to be hosted in the cloud as well as internally.

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