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Oracle Expands Its Support for Startups

Oracle has revamped its startup accelerator program. With the Oracle for Startups program, participants will get free cloud credits, discounts, mentorship opportunities and access to Oracle’s vast partner ecosystem and customer base.

Oracle is also expanding the program by opening it to any startup interested in adopting Oracle’s cloud technology.

Oracle is hoping to foster more success stories like that of Snap Tech, a U.K.-based startup that found considerable success with Oracle’s accelerator program. “We’re delivering technology that we never could have dreamed of,” said Snap Tech CEO and founder Jenny Griffiths.

The technology available to the biggest companies is now available to startups, small companies. So there is now today no customer too small that we can’t reach and help.” — Mark Hurd, CEO, Oracle

Read more about Oracle for Startups on Forbes.

Mark Hurd speaks to a crowd while sitting in front of a cityscape.
Mark Hurd speaks at the Oracle Leaders Circle during Oracle OpenWorld 2018.
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