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Oracle CEO Mark Hurd Says 60 Percent of Tech Jobs Haven’t Been Invented

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd began his career before the shift to the internet. Since then, he’s seen the industry shift several times, with the advent of automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and cloud computing. Each industry shift brought changes to the workforce with the creation of previously unimaginable new jobs.

In his 2018 keynote at Oracle OpenWorld, Mark Hurd predicted that by 2025, another shift in the tech industry–and the corresponding job market—will take place, adding that 60% of future jobs, across almost every industry, have yet to be invented. Hurd explained that many mundane tasks such as expense reporting or data-entry can now be automated through the use of AI. However, this doesn’t mean a loss in the number of jobs, but rather the creation of new and different jobs.

These jobs have not been created, and frankly they’re just beginning to be imagined. – Oracle CEO Mark Hurd

Read more about Mark Hurd’s predictions on the Oracle Human Capital Management Blog.

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd speaks at Oracle OpenWorld
Oracle CEO Mark Hurd gives a keynote presentation at Oracle OpenWorld 2018.
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