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Oracle CEO Mark Hurd on the Changing Role of CIOs and CFOs

In an interview with Forbes, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd shared his thoughts on the changing role of CIOs, especially when it comes to implementing new technology.

The toughest job in corporate America is the CIO’s” – Oracle CEO Mark Hurd

A recent article by Joyce Boland, VP of Applications Global Marketing at Oracle, echoes Hurd’s statement by recognizing the immense responsibility CIOs have when it comes to new technology adoption. CIOs are largely responsible for pitching board members on the transition to a new technology, but are often perceived as not being focused on business and financial outcomes. This is where the CFO can become an integral part of the process.

When the CIO and CFO come together, they have the ability to present the benefits of the technology while crafting a business-first, financially focused strategy to gain approval from stakeholders. While CIOs provide the vision for the new technology, CFOs can back up their plans with the business rationale.

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Oracle CEO Mark Hurd speaking about cloud migration at Modern Finance Experience 2018.
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