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Oracle CEO Mark Hurd Discusses the Value of AI in Hiring the Right Talent

Finding and hiring the right talent can be challenging for HR professionals. It can be difficult to sort through the large amounts of data available for each candidate and assess whether an applicant would be a good fit. Oracle CEO Mark Hurd discusses the advantages of including AI in the recruiting process through cloud services like Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud.

Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud incorporates AI into each step of the recruiting and onboarding processes, and throughout an employee’s tenure with a company. Hurd explains how the use of chatbots backed by machine learning and natural language processing, along with automated data processing and analysis, work together to deliver the best possible employee experience each step of the way.

It’s very important for us to recruit the right person, so we actually use machine learning and AI in our HR application to try to look for the attributes of what would be the commonality between why people are a fit — is it unique to the school, is it unique to the major, to the GPA, extracurricular activities, to the training they had, to the manager they have?” – Oracle CEO Mark Hurd

Read more about AI’s role in recruiting on the Oracle HCM Blog.

Mark Hurd speaks in front of a crowd at Oracle Product and Strategy Press Briefing
Oracle CEO Mark Hurd Speaks at Oracle Product and Strategy Briefing
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