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Oracle CEO Mark Hurd Discusses Moving NetSuite to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

At NetSuite’s annual SuiteWorld conference Oracle CEO Mark Hurd explained the benefits of migrating NetSuite’s software onto Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), including Oracle Autonomous Database.

Hurd cited the advanced capabilities of the database as a critical component of the shift to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Highlighting the performance gains made possible with the new technology, Hurd contrasted the 9,000 times NetSuite has optimized performance by indexing its Oracle Database over the last 15 years with the unprecedented pace of performance optimization made possible by Oracle Autonomous Database.

In something like a few hours, it [Oracle Autonomous Database] wrote 6,000 indexes, further optimized it, and gave you a performance kick. By the way, that’s iterative, that’s not a one-time gain. That can continue to get better and better as the tools get better and better. So now imagine that rippling through our entire base.”

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Mark Hurd, Jason Sudeikis, and Evan Goldberg together at SuiteWorld 2019.
Oracle CEO Mark Hurd, Actor Jason Sudeikis, and NetSuite founder Evan Goldberg backstage at SuiteWorld 2019.
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