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Oracle CEO Mark Hurd: 10 Quotes on Customer Experience

Whether you’re just getting started in the experience economy or you’re already deep into the evolution of customer experience and sales, observations from a leader like Oracle CEO Mark Hurd will provide insight into benefits you may not have considered. Here are words of wisdom gathered from the Modern Customer Experience event in April 2019.

On Oracle’s sales force and digital transformation
“I’ve never believed that a salesperson should have a bag of products; that they’re expert in none. In the end, sales forces self-specialize.”

On the balance of automation and trusted advisors
“In B2B, using us as an example, the marketing process and the sales process has to integrate.” He continues, “It isn’t binary. You don’t have a digital process that ends and then a face-to-face process begins. They work together.”

On customer experience as one connected process
“The ability to navigate through all of this data is better than ever, the ability to analyze this data is better than ever, the ability to get a common data model around all of this is better than ever. We believe…we’re the company that can bring all of this capability into one place.”

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Mark Hurd stands with Rob Tarkoff backstage.
Oracle CEO Mark Hurd prepares backstage with Oracle CX Cloud EVP and General Manager Rob Tarkoff ahead of a discussion on consumer experience.
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