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Mark Hurd’s Keynote at Oracle CloudWorld NYC 2017

In January 2017, Mark Hurd took the stage at Oracle CloudWorld NYC 2017 to discuss the state of the industry, while sharing his predictions for the future and the importance of investing in innovation and security by moving to the cloud.

Mark noted that IT spending is more strapped than ever, with CFOs eager to recognize savings through reduced infrastructure costs. He also pointed out that CEOs are juggling competitive challenges as they adapt their business models to fit industry and customer needs, including the ability to fully leverage data, while managing the complexity and costs of unsustainable on-premise deployment, maintenance, upgrades, and security costs.

Known for his keynote predictions, Mark’s list covered a variety of enterprise areas and offerings. Several of his predictions focused on the transition of applications and environments to the cloud, such as 80 percent of production apps and 100 percent of developer and test environments being conducted in the cloud. Mark’s list also noted the consolidation of the market, predicting that two suite providers will end up owning 80 percent of the SaaS market sector as companies divest themselves of corporate data centers. Finally, Mark touched on security, asserting that enterprise clouds will end up being the most secure IT platform, allowing CIOs to spend 80 percent of their IT budgets on innovation over maintenance.

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