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Mark Hurd: Why Businesses Need Autonomous Systems

In his latest LinkedIn Influencer article, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd adds new depth to his support for cloud computing, machine learning, and autonomous software. His core argument: Companies and their employees can become more productive and innovative by offloading “maintenance mode” tasks to artificial intelligence.

These new autonomous systems will force many established IT pros out of their comfort zones—at first. … Think of it this way: It’s not just that the computer can do what he can without human error; the computer frees him to do what it cannot.”

Mark Hurd notes that using new technology at work should be seen as an opportunity rather than a threat. This reasoning echoes that of many futurists, including Ray Kurzweil, whom Hurd mentions in his article. Capitalizing on autonomous technology, Hurd says, will require company-wide buy-in. This involves training and mentoring to help IT pros adapt and unlock their new potential once they are freed from handling routine tasks.

Article: Why Autonomous Systems are Critical to the Future of Business

Mark Hurd speaks via satellite at NetSuite SuiteWorld18 conference.
Via satellite, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd discusses new technology during his keynote at Oracle’s NetSuite SuiteWorld18.
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