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Mark Hurd Video: The Cloud Simplifies IT

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd shares the top five reasons why CEO’s should love the cloud.

In this video from July 2014, Hurd shares reason #1: CEOs Should Love the Cloud: Mark Hurd on the Economics of Simplifying IT, addressing the old paradigm where everything is do-it-yourself and how the cloud can integrate your systems as a service.

Video Transcript:
“Using the cloud simplifies IT. Companies need to move away from the old paradigm, where everything is do-it-yourself: get a bunch of disparate parts – a server, an operating system, middleware – all from different suppliers or vendors and spend a lot of time trying to integrate those.

The products should be made to work together, designed to work together from the ground up. We’ve seen a lot of that occur in the consumer part of the world, what you see today in smartphones and tablets and so forth. Things are tightly integrated from the ground up. You can press a button and get applications directly off the Internet.

You have somebody else doing all of the work – all of the operational work, all of the R&D, procuring all the parts, integrating all the parts, doing all the testing. And all of that is done now for you and delivered to you as a service.

It’s simply easier.”

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