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Mark Hurd Video: Cloud Drives IT Innovation

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd shares the top five reasons why CEO’s should love the cloud.

In this video from August 2014, Hurd shares reason #4: The Cloud Drives Innovation. Transitioning to cloud computing allows business leaders to spend their IT budget on higher value initiatives, giving that business a competitive advantage.

Video Transcript:
“The cloud model lets business leaders spend their precious IT budget on higher value initiatives. They can focus on things that will change the business, give the business a competitive advantage – like delivering real-time intelligence to the sales team so in the end they can sell more; unifying the demand in supply chains so that you can optimize getting the right product to the right place at the right time so the customer can buy products from you.

To infuse new products and services with software for use in the interconnected world that we live in today; and being able to align, really, innovation into the core of what the company does to change the way you sell, to make the company easier to work in. It’s a fundamental game-changer in terms of innovation.”

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