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Mark Hurd Video: Cloud Accelerates, Optimizes Business Processes

Mark Hurd: The cloud allows companies to accelerate and to optimize their business processes. Now, as-as most people know — but if you don’t, I’m going to make sure I tell you: Many businesses are running core applications that are 20 years old.

And you think about all of the things that hadn’t been invented in 1994, when these applications were built: There was no social. There wasn’t search. It was the very beginning of the Internet. Mobility was, frankly, at a minimum.

Software as a Service applications — or SaaS applications — are built to exploit these innovations. They’re built from the ground up with all of these innovations in mind.

You know, the bottom line is the companies can’t keep up with all of this innovation, and that means those processes become less competitive.

And cloud allows companies now to leapfrog from that older state of applications to the present and to the future.