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Mark Hurd on LinkedIn: “The Business-Innovation Killer: IT Complexity”

By Mark Hurd

Information Technology today touches every facet of business in ways that traditional enterprise technology never did. As a result, chief executives are demanding a lot more from IT than they’ve been getting. CEOs need IT to help lead the way to transformational change, to help keep up with customer demands for faster, more responsive engagement, to help gain market share, and to help prevent disruption by more nimble competitors.

Their goals haven’t changed: CEOs still want to improve their businesses and gain more share. But CEOs are not blessed with unlimited budgets to modernize their IT capabilities so they can compete more effectively. Many are thus faced with having to save money to spend money. The ability to consolidate and simplify is the only way to free up innovation dollars and to invest in new things for the business.

Trust me on this – I’ve studied this problem for a lot of years, and there is no other way.




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