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Mark Hurd Talks Modernizing HR at Oracle HCM World 2018

At Oracle HCM World 2018, Mark Hurd shared his perspectives on the hiring process at Oracle, how to create positive change in the workplace, how millennials are redefining work, and more. In a conversation with Oracle CHRO Joyce Westerdahl, Hurd describes the primary responsibilities of a CEO as needing to “get the strategy right, get the operations of the company right to execute the strategy, and get the people right.”

Mark Hurd and Joyce Westerdahl sitting in chairs on a stage holding microphones
Mark Hurd and Joyce Westerdahl discuss HR technology and take questions at Oracle HCM World 2018.

He explains how Oracle continuously refines the hiring process to find the right people, and how they incorporate feedback from current employees to improve the onboarding process for new employees. They’ve also restructured the training program and continue to examine employee metrics to better identify individual lifecycles. Providing comprehensive data and analytics to HR teams facilitates both recruiting the right people and retaining talented employees.

Discussing Oracle’s millennial population, Hurd describes the generational differences in perception of work, noting how his generation looks at projects serially, as paper-based flows, while millennials leverage their native technology understanding for more real-time collaboration. He remarks that higher service quality and instant availability of information has become an expectation for younger generations. Hurd also mentions the Digital Class Of program, which offers thousands of college students the opportunity to work at Oracle, and provides them with feedback on goals and expectations in the workplace. Despite different ideas about workflow and collaboration, Hurd observes that millennials share similar desires for challenging work, strong leadership, and professional development opportunities.

This generation, millennials, particularly in the last five to six years, is much more used to working in a collaborative, real-time workgroup, and a lot of that is technology enabled.”
– Mark Hurd, CEO, Oracle

The Q&A portion of the discussion with Westerdahl focused on creating a culture that embraces change. Hurd identified the chief executive as a critical player in driving change across organizations, requiring courage and confidence to champion unpopular but necessary initiatives. In closing, when asked about competitors, Hurd stated, “Most of this isn’t about the ideas; it’s about the execution of the ideas. And so I don’t spend so much time thinking about what the other people are doing as much as I do about what works for us.”

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