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Mark Hurd Talks Growth and the Labor Market with FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd | interview with Maria Bartiromo on FOX Business
Oracle chief executive officer Mark Hurd sits down with Maria Bartiromo of FOX Business to discuss markets.

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd joined host Maria Bartiromo on FOX Business’ “Mornings with Maria” to discuss global growth and current market concerns over a tight labor market and wage increases.. “I think it’s a great labor market. There’s a lot of talent out there,” Hurd says. “You go to a college campus today, the talent available to us is like talent we’ve never seen before.”

Businesses have been faced with the challenges of an evolving workforce and Hurd is addressing that with a sales training program known as “Class Of,” which is focused on hiring recent college graduates. This unique program brings in young talent and invests in their training and career development, while providing strong mentorship and the opportunity to grow in a fast-paced environment. Hurd mentioned Oracle’s “Class Of” program when speaking to Bartiromo, stating, “We’ll hire probably this year 2,500 kids out of U.S. colleges and train them. They’re among the best talent. It’s so exciting when they come into the company.”

Hurd says he is not worried about a tight labor market, highlighting Oracle’s growth and the company’s focus on investing. “We’re investing in new facilities, we’re hiring people… our margins continue to increase while we do it.”

Watch the video clip of Mark Hurd and Maria Bartiromo, “Oracle CEO: It’s a great labor market.”