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Mark Hurd: Step Up Your Customer Service with AI

In a recent LinkedIn post, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd suggested businesses could dramatically improve their customer service by taking advantage of AI to handle basic support queries. He highlighted AI’s ability to master repetitive support processes and provide instant responses, which frees support staff to strengthen customer relationships by tackling more complicated problems.

Instead of having to do low-level, transactional support work, the best front-line employees can spend their time solving customers’ most difficult problems and figuring out better ways to serve them.” – Mark Hurd

Beyond simple chatbots, deep learning offers companies the ability to personalize interactions with their customers and analyze enormous amounts of relevant data to identify, or even anticipate, customer problems and preemptively offer solutions.

Read the LinkedIn article.

Mark Hurd speaks to an audience onstage in front of a screen while holding a microphone.
Oracle CEO Mark Hurd speaks at Oracle Customer Experience 2012.
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