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Mark Hurd Shares Leadership Advice at Collision

Mark Hurd and Aditi Roy sit onstage at Collision.
Mark Hurd shares leadership advice with Aditi Roy at Collision.

At the SaaS Monster conference, part of Collision in New Orleans, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd joined CNBC reporter Aditi Roy to talk about the state of the enterprise, how artificial intelligence (AI) is changing business, and Hurd’s advice for the next generation of business leaders.

Discussing the current state of the enterprise, Hurd noted the advantages in security, innovation, and cost savings that come with migrating to the cloud. The conversation also touched on the ways AI is being embedded into traditional enterprise applications, such as CRM. ERP, HCM and. For example, Hurd described how AI can be used in the recruiting process to help find the right candidates.

Hurd also shared lessons on leadership for aspiring CEOs. He recommended that people take on multiple roles during their careers to gain the practical experience and knowledge they need to be ready for the challenges of executive leadership.

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