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Mark Hurd Previews Oracle OpenWorld Theme – Digital Disruption

Ahead of Oracle OpenWorld 2014, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd set the stage by publishing a series of videos on YouTube that cover some of the major themes that would be discussed at Oracle OpenWorld.  The videos encourage viewers to leave comments in order to create an ongoing dialogue of topics attendees want covered at Oracle OpenWorld.

Mark Hurd started the conversation around two business-critical themes – business transformation and digital disruption.

“I’ve come to believe that those are in fact two sides of the same coin,” Hurd explained. “First of all, digital disruption. There’s no question that the explosion of social and mobile technologies and the simplicity of the cloud, the power of big data, have all combined to give consumers unprecedented choices, insights, and options. They like to be in charge of what they buy and how they buy and now they have the tools and capabilities to take charge of those decisions. They’re the digital disruptors.”

Find out how modern technologies like cloud and big data are transforming your business now, and how that transformation will accelerate in the future.

Listen to Oracle CEO Mark Hurd and Oracle OpenWorld 2014 special guest CIO Kimberly Stevenson talk about complexity and how companies can work fast and eliminate process slowdowns.

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