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Mark Hurd on Dominance In A Tough Market

On his CNBC show Mad Money, Jim Cramer invites Oracle CEO Mark Hurd to discuss competition within the market and Oracle’s growth amid pursuit of a distinct cloud-based offering.

A top priority for Mark Hurd and discussed at multiple Oracle CloudWorld events around the world, Oracle has focused on embracing cloud technology. Through educating existing customers and gaining new ones, Oracle has experienced accelerated revenue growth within an environment where companies’ revenue numbers typically fall flat.

In an ultra-competitive market, Mark Hurd states that Oracle’s growth can be attributed to advanced technology, a dedicated and knowledgeable sales force, and satisfied customers who operate as real-time references for new potential customers. When Oracle’s growth and success are discredited by competitors, Hurd acknowledges that the current state of the market is competitive, however Oracle is succeeding in many areas.

Mark Hurd does not consider Oracle’s sheer size as a disadvantage either. Being a large company allows Oracle to invest in its future – fostering continual R&D, advancements to product capabilities, and growth of sales and marketing teams. Considering a generational change occurring within the IT realm, Oracle is focused on staying ahead of the curve. Hurd emphasizes that Oracle has a solid team that is not only optimistic about the industry and the world, but is optimistic about Oracle.

Watch Mark Hurd’s full interview with Jim Cramer below. For additional Mark Hurd coverage, visit his In The Press page.

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