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Mark Hurd: millennials are future-oriented and technology-driven

In his keynote presentation at Oracle HCM World 2015, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd discusses the importance of building the next generation of leaders at the company. According to Hurd, organizations have to train by the modern equivalent of an apprenticeship.

“We are going against the grain and I am frankly going against the data that says to me it’s going to be hard to keep these kids engaged and to keep them driving forward. But for us, it’s a chance to be different it’s a chance to be unique, it’s a chance to lead and we’re going to make that bet.”

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More about HCM World:
HCM World provides attendees with tools, information and resources they can immediately use. At HCM World, attendees have the flexibility to customize their HCM World experience, choosing from more than 60 sessions. Sessions include in-depth Human Resources discussions on performance, recruiting, talent management, succession planning, and performance management.

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