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Mark Hurd Leads the Charge Towards Increased Cloud Adoption

Over the last year, Oracle has been identifying opportunities and transforming its business. Most notably, the company’s efforts to adopt full-scale cloud technology provide a clear indication of where Oracle is headed.

Mark Hurd CloudWorld Keynote 2017
Mark Hurd at Oracle CloudWorld 2017

Emphasizing Oracle’s ongoing commitment to adopting new technology that enhances user experience, migration to the cloud has been in the forefront of Oracle’s customer-focused initiatives. Oracle CEO Mark Hurd notes that the competitive environment Oracle operates in requires adoption and transformation at a faster rate. As Hurd stated, “we made the decision to go at this hard three or four years ago, changing virtually everything in the company. We made the decision to build all these global data centers, to deploy this technology and to do it fast.”

Having already dominated the current cloud-based solution market with over a thousand applications and a presence in multiple industry categories, Oracle is now prepared to examine opportunities within the artificial intelligence space. Under Hurd’s leadership, the company sees value in integrating AI directly into applications.

We believe the application of AI is really getting it integrated and embedded into the applications.”

Hurd notes that emerging AI technologies are powerful enough to change the way we live and work. At last year’s Oracle OpenWorld conference, Hurd let thousands of attendees know that Oracle’s stance on AI was to build it into the applications. This way, Oracle applications users can experience increased efficiency, increased customer retention, and increased ROI.

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