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Mark Hurd Interview on Tennis

In an interview by John Marks, Mark Hurd discusses the transformation of tennis while cheering for Baylor University. The Hurd Tennis Center hosts the NCAA Championships this weekend. Mark Hurd is honored to have the biggest college tennis tournament at Baylor University in Waco, Texas.

He is proud of Baylor and describes this honor as “our vision since the beginning.” Compared to when Hurd played tennis at Baylor, the sport has changed. The racket technology and ball characteristics are different. Hurd points out there is less serving and longer rallies. The athleticism of the game has changed, increasing the pace and excitement of the sport.

Mark Hurd encourages everybody to see a college match to appreciate the athleticism and enthusiasm of the sport. The energy of tennis matches resembles “the passion of college sports” Hurd describes. Neal Jeffrey, a former quarterback at Baylor, agreed with Hurd after watching the passion of tennis intensify. Due to the transforming sport, the Big 12’s rules encourages fan participation and support.

Due to three of the Big 12 programs in the semifinals, this conference is very competitive, but Hurd still has faith in Baylor. To reach the championship match, Hurd believes Baylor must overcome Virginia and USC who have both won a National Championship. He wants Baylor to play University of Oklahoma and is confident that OU will play in the final match because they are very tough. Hurd is taking these last few matches day by day and is confident with Baylor’s ability.

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