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Mark Hurd: How Blockchain Will Power Businesses

An early evangelist for the value of artificial intelligence, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd has highlighted the benefit of integrating AI into business applications for years. In his December 2018 LinkedIn Influencer post, Hurd added blockchain to the roster of technologies he predicts will be integrated into cloud-based applications.

As with any emerging technology, the questions CEOs want answered have less to do with how it works and are more along the lines of how it will help boost revenue, increase productivity, streamline costs, and create a better customer experience.”
– Mark Hurd

Hurd outlines two separate opportunities for blockchain. The first opportunity is the benefit of integrated blockchain functionality in core business apps for human resources, finance, and other lines of business. The second opportunity, Hurd says, lies in the creation of unique or purpose-built blockchain networks. These networks could perform tasks such as tracking a student’s academic record, making it easier for organizations to verify a job applicant’s credentials.

Read “Blockchain Technology: 2 Ways to Think About the Business Opportunities” on LinkedIn.

Mark Hurd and fellow executives pose behind the scenes at the Blockland Cleveland blockchain event in December 2018.
Oracle CEO Mark Hurd (right) poses with Eaton CIO Bill Blausey and event organizer Bernie Moreno at the Blockland Cleveland blockchain conference.
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