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Mark Hurd: Focus on the Three Business Priorities That Matter Most

What really matters to CEOs and other business leaders when it comes to running a successful enterprise? Oracle CEO Mark Hurd has decades of experience as a technology industry executive, and he knows how to focus on what matters. In his latest LinkedIn Influencer article, “Staying Focused on the Business Priorities that Matter Most,” Hurd focuses on three critical things leaders must prioritize to succeed.

Our business success comes back to three main things: strategy, operations, and people.” – Mark Hurd

Drawing on his experience at Oracle, Hurd outlines an approach to prioritization that works in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven business environment.

Read the LinkedIn article.

Mark Hurd speaks at a podium to a seated audience at Oracle’s Austin campus.
Oracle CEO Mark Hurd speaks to employees at the opening of Oracle’s Austin campus.
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