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Mark Hurd Discusses the Competition for Global Tech Leadership at Oracle Cloud Day

Oracle Cloud Day is a global event series providing Oracle customers and consultants with educational, networking, and hands-on training opportunities around Oracle Cloud products. Oracle CEO Mark Hurd attended Oracle Cloud Day in New York for an interview with Bloomberg executive editor Tom Giles. Their discussion focused on the geopolitical issues shaping technology innovation, and Hurd’s responses focused on the need for consistent development of tech-industry talent as China and the United States vie for AI leadership.

At the end of the day, this is a long game. It’s about education, it’s about STEM, it’s about the ability to graduate engineers, it’s about innovations, and it’s about the ability to lead in these core categories.” – Mark Hurd

Hurd emphasized the importance of not only educating tech talent in the United States but also encouraging those students to stay after graduation, noting that foreign students are often unable to remain in the United States to help develop the next generation of tech companies.

Learn more about Mark Hurd’s views on STEM education and economic competitiveness.

Mark Hurd answers a question from Bloomberg’s Tom Giles during an interview at Oracle Cloud Day in New York.
Oracle CEO Mark Hurd discusses STEM education at Oracle Cloud Day in New York.
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