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Mark Hurd Discusses the Future of Technology at Web Summit 2017

This year’s Web Summit was held in Lisbon, Portugal on November 6 through November 9. The Web Summit is a technology initiative and is considered the fastest growing technology conference in the world. Held annually since 2010, Web Summit has had over 60,000 attendees, from over 15,000 companies spanning 170 countries. This year’s event also featured over 1,200 speakers. A main focal point for 2017 was on web-related issues that impacted the 2016 US election.

Mark Hurd at SaaS Monster event at Web Summit 2017
Mark Hurd onstage at #SaaS Monster event at Web Summit 2017

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd participated in several events at Web Summit, including a talk with AT&T’s John Donovan at SaaS Monster. He was also featured in a live-streamed discussion with technology journalist Kara Swisher of Recode. The session covered topics ranging from Silicon Valley, cloud technology, social privacy and the potential of increased government regulation for large technology companies.

Mark Hurd backstage at Web Summit 2017
Mark Hurd stands backstage with Kara Swisher from Recode

Swisher opened the session with a question about Silicon Valley and the current state of technology. According to Hurd, the movement of businesses to the cloud will have interesting effects on Silicon Valley over the next decade as companies move back to “a little bit more verticalization and more optimization.” Hurd shared that “16 percent of all corporate data centers have closed” and are moving to cloud providers. This is the type of movement that will be seen in the next few years, he explained.

Security is an issue most companies and consumers are concerned about, particularly among larger technology companies. Hurd explains two benefits of Oracle’s security. Oracle recently released an autonomous database in Oracle’s cloud – driven by AI. With the Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud, powered by Oracle Database 18c, auto-patches are implemented at the time of the patch release without delay. The second benefit is data encryption and with Oracle Cloud, all data is encrypted.

On the topic of innovation, Hurd said, “I think innovation isn’t just technical, innovation is a mindset.” Hurd went on to say the company benefits from Oracle’s founder, Larry Ellison who encourages them to think about the future and what can happen five or 10 years from now.

Wrapping up the session, Swisher asked one final question on what Hurd thinks is the next big thing to happen in technology. Hurd predicts user interfaces will change dramatically and offer new capabilities including voice and optical. To see the full session with Mark Hurd and Kara Swisher, visit the Web Summit Facebook page.

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