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Mark Hurd Discusses Business and Recruiting on Mornings with Maria

Mark Hurd joined Fox Business Network journalist Maria Bartiromo on Mornings with Maria to discuss the global economy and the job market.

Mark Hurd appears on a monitor in a television broadcasting station room
Oracle CEO Mark Hurd joins Maria Bartiromo for Mornings with Maria on Fox Business.

Hurd noted the current strength of the American economy, with midsize companies seeing opportunities for investment and larger companies pursuing long-term projects. He also identified sector-specific growth in international markets.

Discussing the evolution of hiring practices, Hurd explained how Oracle has incorporated artificial intelligence into its recruiting software to help identify candidates that are most likely to be great at Oracle. He also responded to a question about labor and talent shortages by praising the quality of college recruits that Oracle is seeing now, adding that Oracle is hiring thousands of recent graduates every year.

Watch the full interview.

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