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Mark Hurd: Cloud Transition Is “Irresistible”

In a December 2018 Wall Street Journal article, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd described the benefits of suite-based cloud applications, noting how multiple business functions, such as finance, customer experience, and supply chains, can benefit by sharing data across applications without expensive or complicated customizations. Hurd also discussed the core advantages of cloud-based applications – reduced costs and more frequent updates – which ensure organizations have access to the latest innovations. Together, these advantages are driving the shift from on-premises systems to modern cloud solutions.

At some point, I expect all customers will make the transition to cloud, it’s just too compelling not to.” -Oracle CEO Mark Hurd

Read the full Wall Street Journal article.

Mark Hurd sits on a stage and speaks into a microphone to an audience of technology industry analysts.
Oracle CEO Mark Hurd discusses new technology trends in artificial intelligence and blockchain with industry analysts at Oracle OpenWorld 2018.
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