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Oracle’s Mark Hurd: Cloud Offers Opportunity to Simplify

Citing several reasons the transition to the cloud makes sense for businesses, Mark Hurd laid out key points for the cloud advantage at Oracle CloudWorld 2017. Maintenance and security demands are eating up IT budgets for companies with on-premises data centers, leaving little room for new features, services, and innovation. Switching to the cloud not only offers cost savings on stress tests, patching, and server maintenance, but allows for new features to be added at the expense of the supplier rather than built through an in-house team. Using cloud-connected apps ensures that enterprise suite applications are always up-to-date with the latest security patches and cutting-edge features, increasing productivity and leaving more room in the budget for innovation. Hurd pointed out that growth in IT is being driven by cloud offerings, with specialized vendors disappearing quickly; noting the huge changes in the market, Hurd nevertheless sees opportunity: “simplify while you transform,” says Hurd.

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