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Mark Hurd: Changes On Deck at San Francisco’s Oracle Park

In an interview on Bloomberg’s Business of Sports podcast, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd discussed the ways sports marketing can bolster strategic relationships, as well as the opportunity it provides for innovation in the stadium experience. In January, Oracle bought naming rights to the San Francisco Giants’ stadium, which is now known as Oracle Park, and the company plans to bring high-tech solutions to park visitors.

There are a number of innovative things that we can do from a fan engagement perspective around further automation of the stadium. We’re the leader in stadium automation, and so it makes sense to not only do what we do everywhere else at Oracle Park but do it better.”

Hurd also highlighted another reason Oracle sponsors teams and athletes, emphasizing that it is an investment in the future. He discussed how participation in sports primes young people for their future business careers, saying, “I think there’s a whole set of disciplines that come out of it that are very conducive to the business world.”

For more insights on Oracle’s sports sponsorship, listen to the podcast.

Oracle CEOs Mark Hurd and Safra Catz hold San Francisco Giants jerseys while standing next to San Francisco Giants CEO Larry Baer at Oracle park.
Oracle CEOs Mark Hurd and Safra Catz showcase San Francisco Giants jerseys at Oracle Park and are joined by Giants CEO Larry Baer.
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