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Mark Hurd: Why AI Will Benefit Us All

In his latest Influencer article on LinkedIn, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd discusses AI and the importance of machine learning (ML) as a foundational tool for creating social good and business success. Encouraging customers to adopt this technology, Hurd explains, does not involve selling the technology as a standalone product. “The way to ensure that it gets the kind of business and social results we’re all looking for is to embed ML into existing applications,” says Hurd.

Opening Keynote Oracle OpenWorld 2016 - Mark Hurd

This strategy reinforces Oracle’s AI philosophy, which Hurd highlighted in his Oracle OpenWorld keynote last fall. “These ML-based features will enable our enterprise customers to make better decisions, and in so doing, improve the lives of their employees while also boosting their bottom lines,” he stated. At the annual conference, the company also announced several AI-enabled products and capabilities, including AI-enhanced SaaS applications.

Whether we’re talking about medical research or customer service, scientific discoveries or information security, breakthrough advances are within reach thanks to machine learning, which immeasurably improves our ability to pull together, analyze, and draw actionable insights from data.

AI offers many potential benefits for companies. For example, Oracle’s Human Capital Management Cloud application suite, which is currently used by a large number of customers, has AI-based features that allow companies to determine which employees will be most successful and which are at risk of leaving. Hurd is confident that AI and ML will ultimately be applied not just for business benefit, but for the good of the world as well.

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