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Mark Hurd: AI is a Job Creation Engine that is Just Getting Started

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd predicts developments in artificial intelligence (AI) will improve employee performance and the workforce experience and lead to the creation of new jobs, career training, and lifelong learning.

Advances in AI have already allowed companies to automate many tasks. In many jobs – not just IT-specific ones – people will spend fewer hours on the drudgery of updating systems, approving and filing forms, and monitoring transactions and more time doing work that improves people’s lives, such as creating new sources of renewable energy, growing food more productively, or developing medical treatments and cures.

This shift in the workforce, powered by an explosion of new technological innovations, will create all manner of net new and unforeseen employment opportunities in the years to come.

The employment challenge ahead isn’t about surviving the robotic overlords. It’s about putting a higher priority on education, career training, and lifelong learning to prepare people for tomorrow’s ever-changing jobs.” – Oracle CEO Mark Hurd

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