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Mark Hurd Advocates For Streamlining Enterprise Technology

Mark Hurd predicts that cloud technology will kill niche “best-of-breed” tech. Oracle is streamlining its cloud applications; by building apps on the same code base, Oracle prioritizes interoperability between apps . This makes it easier to adopt new technology like machine learning and artificial intelligence into business applications. Cloud apps also help level the technological playing field so scrappy startups can square off against enterprise-level corporations.

“We’re creating specific outcomes for specific business problems, rather than creating solutions that are looking for a problem.” – Mark Hurd

Shifting the development responsibility from customer to vendor provides huge value to Oracle customers, who no longer have to assemble various different applications and processes to be run with on-premises data centers. Instead, Oracle cloud applications deliver a whole package of services maintained by Oracle, providing cost savings that drive the transition to cloud technology. Having the vendor take on issues like cybersecurity, storage, and maintenance gives businesses more resources to innovate and develop their product.

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