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LinkedIn Influencer: “Customer-Obsessed Marketing Is Your Next Competitive Edge”

Marketing executives are leading the charge to convince their organizations of the inherent danger in today’s highly digitized buyer-seller relationship. And they’re doing that by proving that “your customers are only one click away from your competitors” is more than just a clever phrase —it’s the difference between being a market leader and going out of business.

The good news is that as marketing executives strive to develop new customer-engagement models, to optimize multiple channels formerly in conflict and generate new revenue streams, they now have access to world-class marketing-automation tools, which have the potential to keep more prospects from making that one-click jump to a competitor.

Those of us around during the PC revolution take it as a given that consumers are connected. The difference is that in today’s Twitter/Facebook/Instagram era, lots of people—hundreds of millions and perhaps even billions of them—now expect and in fact demand more personalized and authentic levels of connectedness and engagement. They demand a highly responsive, real-time experience with access to information whenever and wherever it’s convenient for them.

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