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Highlights from Mark Hurd’s Keynote at Oracle Industry Connect 2017

Oracle Industry Connect is an event where industry leaders share their expertise and knowledge for innovation and organizational growth. Oracle Industry Connect 2017 attracted more than 2,000 attendees and hosted 161 customer speakers, 139 breakout and general sessions, and 50 featured roundtable discussions. Featured experts and keynote speakers at the conference included Oracle CEO Mark Hurd;  Bob Weiler, executive vice president of Oracle’s Global Business Units; and Tom Brokaw, NBC News correspondent and New York Times best-selling author.

In Mark Hurd’s keynote address, he discussed the importance of the cloud and how companies, like Oracle, have responded to the challenges of transitioning to the cloud.

“Every day, Oracle provides companies the most sophisticated applications in order to transform their businesses,” Mark Hurd stated. “From planning retailers’ merchandise, to running wireless communications networks, to serving as the backbone of our power grids, no technology company can provide the range of industry-specific specialization that Oracle can and no other company can provide it in the cloud today.”

Mark also shared his thoughts on the role of IT in a global economy.  He explains that while only 3 percent of global output is represented by the technology industry, this can help companies in other industries and it allows the smallest companies to compete against the largest. “IT creates a level playing field across industries, and in many cases intra-industry,” according to Hurd. Technology has helped many industries such as retail. As a result, a company’s brand and level of services is what separates themselves from the competition.  

Mark has also been a featured keynote speaker at several Oracle events as well as external events including Web Summit and TEDx.

Learn more about Mark’s speaking engagements here.

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