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The Move to the Cloud: Highlights from Oracle OpenWorld 2017

Moscone Center at Oracle OpenWorld 2017

At this year’s annual Oracle OpenWorld conference, over 60,000 attendees from around the world joined Oracle thought-leaders, customers and partners to highlight and discuss advances in business and cloud-based technology. With a strong emphasis on emerging technology, 3,048 Oracle customers and partners hosted 2,311 sessions.

Over the course of the four-day event, speakers continually emphasized the importance of businesses adopting cloud-based technology. Oracle’s drive to support the ongoing transition to the cloud is indicative of its continual open and modern development cycles including comprehensive, integrated, and user-friendly cloud solutions across multiple applications and industries.

Innovation and the Cloud

Of the several notable keynote presentations that took place within the first two days of the conference, Mark Hurd’s keynote focused primarily on the cloud. In between Hurd’s nearly 700 customer interactions and scheduled meetings, the Oracle CEO led discussions stating that cloud technology and moving to the cloud is foundational to the future of business. Hurd later spoke with three Oracle customers – Bloom Energy, FedEx, and Gap – about their utilization of the Oracle Cloud Platform and how it has transformed their business. To Hurd, the transition to the cloud is inevitable, and computing will continue to evolve in that direction over the next several years.

In addition to cloud, innovation was a main focus in multiple keynote presentations, hands-on demos and solution-oriented sessions. While Oracle announced new technology and product advancements at the conference, various Oracle customers and partners showcased the unique and exciting ways they have been utilizing the Oracle Cloud Platform. The most notable and innovative uses were recognized at the Oracle Cloud Platform Innovation Awards held right at Oracle OpenWorld. Some of this year’s recipients were AT&T, GAP, Anthem, LinkedIn, and Subaru of America.

The Students of Our Future

Oracle’s deep commitment to education and to developing the next generation of innovators was demonstrated in the Innovation Studio at Oracle OpenWorld. Students from Design Tech High School ( showcased innovations they developed during Intersession, which is a program offered to students, four times a year, for two weeks, through Oracle Education Foundation. During Intersession, students are given the opportunity to learn directly from Oracle employees and other Silicon Valley professionals about coding, electrical engineering, and apply these skills to design challenges. The students demonstrated their projects which featured inspiring initiatives in 3D printing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and wearable technology, among others. With the Design Tech High School on Oracle’s campus scheduled to open its facility in January of 2018, these projects foreshadowed the amount of innovation and collaboration to come.

Cyber Security

During times when tangible threats to data can seem insurmountable and cyber security is a must, solutions to alleviate security concerns were welcomed at Oracle OpenWorld. Regarding innovation, discussions surrounding advancements in security were prevalent at the conference. Especially in light of the recent Equifax breach, more businesses are looking to solidify and enhance their technology and data systems. Knowing this, Mark Hurd made a point to discuss the Equifax breach and need for security in great length. Not only did Hurd remind attendees that these major cyber security issues can result in IT professionals losing their jobs, but he mentioned how Oracle’s technology can help ease such concerns.

Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Powered by Oracle Database 18c

Powered by Oracle Database 18c, Oracle announced the next generation of its industry-leading database, Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud at Oracle OpenWorld. Developed to ensure increased reliability and security, Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud is the first autonomous database cloud in the world. Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud incorporates machine learning to automate patching, fine-tuning, backups, and updates across the system. This can help eliminate the constant need for human labor and potential human error, thus improving the security of data.


On the last day of Oracle OpenWorld, a significant portion of the schedule focused on NetSuite, acquired by Oracle in November of 2016. NetSuite founder Evan Goldberg spoke about his company as another key example of integration with the Oracle Cloud Platform. Goldberg mentioned that SuiteCloud is expanding into new markets and growing immensely. After integrating services with Oracle, NetSuite has been able to scale and perform at a much higher rate for its customers. To help other potential customers understand the impact of cloud-based solutions, Oracle OpenWorld had a Community Wall which allowed businesses of all sizes to post a problem unique to their businesses. Those companies were then paired with an Oracle customer or partner to help devise an impactful and creative solution.

Watch Mark Hurd’s 2017 Oracle OpenWorld Keynote here.

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