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The Class Of Program: Reinventing Sales

Mark Hurd Class Of Program
Mark Hurd speaks to Michigan Ross students about leadership and business

Since 2013, the Oracle Class Of Program has brought college students straight from the classroom to the sales floor at Oracle. Inspired by his daughter and friends and their enthusiasm to begin their professional careers at startups, Mark Hurd created the Class Of program to invigorate Oracle Sales with that same startup mentality and energy. This unique program brings in young talent and invests in their training and career development, while providing strong mentorship and the opportunity to contribute and grow in a fast-paced environment. Now in its fourth year, the Class Of program has brought over 10,000 students to Oracle and continues to recruit thousands of students annually.

The Class Of program fosters growth and development for sales representatives out of Oracle sales hubs such as Austin, Texas, Burlington and Massachusetts. Here students get their bearings among a social group of peers before heading off to the Bay Area in California for an intensive multi-week training program. New recruits then have the chance to shadow experienced sales professionals and work on networking and professional development, as they learn the ins-and-outs of the Oracle sales process. At the end of the five week program, Hurd throws a celebration for each graduating class and sits down with each graduate for feedback on their experiences in the program.

“There is so much excitement in our company—new talent, new skills, and a different view of the world. And I think it’s very good for us. It changes everything.” – Mark Hurd

Due to the success of the Class Of program, Mark Hurd and Larry Ellison have looked to expand opportunities, starting with a new Oracle campus in Austin complete with an apartment complex for Oracle employees.

Interested in joining the Class Of program? Learn more at Oracle today.

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