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According to Mark Hurd, Oracle’s Strategy for AI Focuses on the Business First

In an interview with CNBC, and in the wake of Oracle posting record-setting fourth-quarter earnings, Mark Hurd discussed Oracle’s vision of directly infusing its cloud applications with artificial intelligence. With Hurd’s consistent emphasis on ease-of-use and improved functionality for customers and partners alike, Oracle is abandoning past industry trends of developing standalone applications.

“Historically in our industry, we used to extract data from an application, send it somewhere, let people do magic with it…and then send it back.” – Mark Hurd

Moving forward, Hurd states that the best approach to AI is to adopt a strategy that allows for AI capabilities to be embedded directly into Oracle Cloud services. This allows for efficient implementation and immediate utility for customers within the context of their respective business sectors. With this approach, business leaders do not have to expend resources managing new technology. Instead, they can all focus on managing their business and respective functions alongside technology that is nimble and continuously adapts to their needs.

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